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Rows, formula's, links & API's

Rofolia is a self-hosted collaborative database/spreadsheet hybrid

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Rofolia features:

Self-host on your own infrastructure

PlatformsLinux (amd64), Windows, MacOS
Required databasePostgresql 9.6 or later
InstallingDownload and run a single binary
Get started with the installation guide
PriceEUR 99,- Buy now at
for a perpetual license + free upgrades for a year
Perpetual licenseRun your bought version forever, your access to your data never expires
SupportSupport contract pricing available upon request
Free trial60 day free trial, no signup or credit card needed

Serverless self-hosted on AWS (coming soon!)

ServerlessManaged hosting using AWS Lambda and Aurora RDS
Infrastructure costsPay for what you use with scaling to your usage needs
Supported regionsAll around the world
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